Friday, 1 March 2013

Not Just A Blank Mind, A Blank Blog

I have a confession to make.

I have no idea what to blog about.

I’ve read that blogging for fiction writers is supposedly a lot tougher than it is for non-fiction writers, because those lucky non-fiction writers can share scientific studies, related articles and so on, whereas we less-than-fortunate fiction writers are a little doomed in that regard.  I mean, as a contemporary fantasy writer, what can I share with you?  How to make elven alcohol?  (Okay, in that one aspect I probably can.  We make our own alcohol in this house.)  The difference in height and ageing between ljusalfa and dokkalfa?  Or just how offensive it is to call a dokkalfasvartalfa’?

If I’m not careful I could easily start talking--okay, possibly ranting--about PC and Xbox games instead, since I spend a chunk of my life hammering the buttons on my Xbox controller and swearing abuse at whichever character is proving hard to deal with.  I’m not a particularly unbiased reviewer though (and I’m starting to suspect few are), so I don’t think I have a career in that ahead of me.

I could talk about what I’m reading.  That I could manage, even if, much like the games I play, I’m not exactly unbiased.

So I’m spoiled for choice and finding my options narrowing at the same time.  Any suggestions?

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