Friday, 12 April 2013

Status Update, And My Ever-Growing "To-Read" Pile

I am one of those irritating bloggers who write entire posts in their head and forget every single part of it when it comes to sitting down in front of a keyboard.  Although I’ll admit that I’m only irritating myself when it comes to that.

I’m almost on target with my Ridiculous Writing Challenge, although I’m not quite sure how it’s happened.  It’s taken a lot of pointed musical hints from my laptop, who is possessed but can be helpful when he wants to be, but as of the 12th April I’ve written a grand(ish) total of 19,329 words and I’m a day behind for reasons I won’t go into.

Even considering I’m one day off target and that I’ve yet to write anything today, I wish I’d had an output like this during National Novel Writing Month.

The only thing is, when someone slow like me decides to do a stupid challenge like this, everything else tends to go by the wayside and as a result, I turned my back for a few minutes and my to read pile has stacked up like crazy.

Okay, yes, I’ll admit I may have had a hand in it since I am the one who bought it all, but it’s not my fault!  I can’t be expected to walk into a bookstore and walk away empty-handed, can I?  (And yes, that is the sequel to The Left Hand Of God at the bottom of the stack, because I do want to know what happens, but this book doesn’t smell as nice as the first one did by a long shot--I tested this on my friends in the store and they agree--so to the bottom of the pile it goes.)

Also, special mention to Bioshock: Infinite propping up Lydia Nexus there, because that’s what I’ll be playing the minute this challenge is up.  Or possibly before, depending on how long I can hold out...

Well, I’m ten chapters into this AU challenge now, I had to rewrite one half-written chapter to change the POV and the plot is still coming to me as I write (both useful--at least it’s turning up, albeit slowly--and incredibly irritating--I’d like to know what’s happening more than two days in advance) but as planning seems to involve me staring blankly at empty sheets of paper lately, I’ll have to stick to jotting notes and seeing what comes up when I do, although maybe knowing what towns are called beforehand would be a place to start.  As always, if you’re curious (or bloody-minded), the link’s at the top of the page.  I even managed to write a little smut--unfortunately for Milos--and there’s more to come (uh, no pun, even mildly, intended...).

Wish me luck!  Because believe me, I’ll need it...

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