Sunday, 5 May 2013

Final Status Update, with Unexpected Artwork and Revised To-Read Pile

In the end I didn't manage to write and post a chapter every day.  There were reasons for this that I won't go into to spare everyone else's sanity, but on the whole when I sat down and actually thought about it, I felt less disappointed in myself than I expected.

I finished the month with a total of 22 chapters that came in at a grand total of 54,366 words.  Considering that this means I missed eight days' worth of chapters I think it's not too bad!  I stumbled over the finish line on 1st May with a mammoth chapter of 5,124 words which contained some awkward scenes to write (not quite what I'd envisioned ending on) and now I'm taking a--well, I'd say 'well-deserved' but I don't know if I'd go that far--break before I carry on.

This means I actually have time to read for a while, yay!  In slightly less yay news, my to-read pile grew yesterday with another trip to Waterstones in Nottingham with friends.

I'm looking forward to actually playing Bioshock finally too.

The weirdest part of the whole writing experience was the sudden realisation of what happens to Alex and Milos nine years in the future in this alternate fantasy world.  Considering that in all of the 64 stories of the regular universe I've been preoccupied enough with keeping them in line and figuring out their past, I'd not had time to consider the future beyond a couple of months.  Realising what happens not just in the future of the current stories, but nearly a whole decade beyond has come as a bit of a surprise.

Unfortunately for everyone, there is also artwork.

I'm intrigued enough that once I've managed to finish these chapters I might start on this new development and see where it goes; half the fun of this AU is mirroring certain events from my main storyline (because I'm easily amused like that) so this would be hurtling into all-new territory for these boys.  Maybe by then I'll even have come up with a better title than the one it's already got (honestly, anything would be an improvement).

Maybe this time, however, I won't try to write it all in a month.  I'm not sure I could take this kind of experience more than once or twice a year.

As always, if you're curious about this ridiculous project and how far I've got, the links to the chapters can be found here, or at the top of the page under "Radial: Unravel - AU".  I did say it needed a better title...!

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