Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kuretake Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen - Follow-Up Post

I wrote about my first impressions of the pretty Cocoiro pens on the 23rd June... not that long ago, in fact.  But since just over a week has passed, I thought a follow-up post might be fun.

Mostly because I loved them so much, I went and bought more (and completed my atyouSpica collection at the same time)!

My preciousssss...

Having managed to lure the always-lovely Danni into trying out the pens too, reading her comments about how the Hoarfrost White case looked made me curious... so I think we can chalk up another victory to her, because it's right there in the photo, along with Kiwi and Sunflower.

I actually would have ordered these sooner, but I had to wait for first the Kiwi, then the Sunflower, to come back into stock at Cult Pens--waited very impatiently, I might add; you don't want to know how many times I refreshed that page even when I knew it was futile (i.e. about six times on Sunday... just in case!).

One thing Danni mentioned was how pretty the Hoarfrost shell looked with the Rose Pink ink inside, so I decided to have a peek and I have to agree.

The white has a subtle sparkle that I completely failed to capture.

I'd initially only planned to get two extra cases to cover the refills I'd bought, but after I used the blue-black to handwrite part of a story and give my writer's block a kick in the groin (moderate success), I became curious about how a black brush nib would perform as an inking pen.

Bad photo; using my scanner would mean a blood sacrifice.

Turns out the answer is "far better than I could've hoped".  They do indeed relax the more you use them and because they're comfortable to hold it's easier to focus on the lines.  It holds up well against a putty eraser (always good) and you can get some good line thicknesses from it--but it really excels at very fine lines without needing to swap to another pen.  I'm really happy with the results.

Now I'm just hoping that Kuretake release the six colours that don't currently seem available in the UK... because how could I possibly resist a choice that includes orange and green??

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