Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Meet My Desk: Celty

You thought I'd run out of these, hadn't you?

You'd be right.  I had.

However!  My little technological family expanded recently, so I'd like to introduce you all to my new Windows Surface tablet, Celty.

Celty was originally called Shizuo, mostly due to the fact that I'm unsure if it comes under the heading of laptop or tablet--most larger technical items are male, small ones like Lydia and Lucy are (surprise surprise) female.  But after using her for a while, I've concluded that she's female, thus necessitating a name change.  (I'll admit here that I couldn't actually tell you why she's female, she just... feels it, so female she now is.  Hey, I never claimed to be entirely sane, did I?  ...did I?)

I recommend DRRR!!, even if you're not normally a fan of anime.

As to why 'Celty', well... that's quite a hard one to explain, but let's just say she makes an admirable headless horsewoman, she's silent to run (but no occasional neighing or hoofsteps unless I start modifying the sounds) and she's very fast for typing on.  She can certainly stand up for herself, as can the tablet as it has one built in (hey, I never claimed to be a pun master).  Whether she emanates a shadowy substance... well, perhaps that depends on your opinion of Microsoft.

It's been an interesting experience trying to get the hang of Windows 8.1 RT, especially since it's already quite different to the version of Windows RT that comes preinstalled but I'm starting to get used to it now... I think.

The biggest surprise has been, of all things, how easy it is to type with the on-screen keyboard, I wasn't expecting to be able to reach the kind of speeds I do although I'm not sure how it'd be to use with longer nails.  Probably a little problematic, like Lydia the Nexus.  However, the touch keyboard is nice too, albeit a little odd--and yet I'm not sure how it is, because it's only like typing on the screen, but I suspect I keep expecting it to feel like an actual, physical keyboard like Sixteen's, rather than for it to be flat.

I'm looking forward to getting to know her better, but I think it's already been a pretty good meeting so far.

Even if I have already discovered my new procrastination fuel in the form of Taptiles.

Still, can't be all work, can it?

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