Friday, 6 December 2013

Committing To A Schedule

Or at least trying to...

I'm aware of the fact I've failed to blog consistently for months.  In part this has been due to failing to write anything regularly, part due to NaNoWriMo (I acknowledge that only accounts for a month), a small part due to redecorating--I'd intended to start this earlier this week but apparently painting takes forever and wallpapering half a wall takes a whole day--and part due to sheer laziness, because after everything else I'm knackered.

So I'm going to try to commit to a more regular schedule where Tuesdays, which used to be Meet My Desk days until I ran out of desk for you to meet, will be reviews of stationery (and maybe technology and books) and Fridays will be general blogging days, much like this.

It seems an easy enough schedule to stick to, which probably means you can expect resounding failure!

I won NaNoWrimo for my eleventh year with the Unravel AU, this time set nine years on from my Ridiculous Challenge.  I might even finish this one outside of November as I realised both how to end it--not usually my strong point--and the existence of some unintended plot points along the way.  I also need to finish up the steampunk novella, which is still in desperate need of a name; I'm not sure why I'm having trouble with it as I'm actually on the last section of the whole thing, but there we go.  Maybe I should challenge myself to finish it before the end of the year?

In a desperate attempt to write more regularly I'm intending to resume posting at Runaway Tales (one piece already posted, as well as crossposted to my usual place: "One Step Closer")as well as signing up to niee87's annual "I'll Jingle Your Bells" porn ficathon which I wholly recommend joining, especially if you're shy about writing porn.  I was nervous last year when I signed up and now look at me.

Take that as you will.

So with fingers crossed I'll actually be able to take up posting more regularly, as well as posting more stories.  And on the subject of posting and stories, if you have any opinions (and I know everyone does, even if secretly) on how and where you prefer reading online, please please have a quick look over the wordily-titled "How Do You Prefer To Read Fiction Online?" post, vote and add any comments if you wish.

I think that's about it, so hopefully I'll be seeing you again next Tuesday with a review of the Copic atyouSpica pens!

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