Friday, 7 February 2014

No Nonsense Reviews: Let's Get Digital by David Gaughran

+ Well-written, easy to follow text
+ Real-world examples and quotes from authors
+ Optimistic outlook

- Several sections are now slightly outdated

I bought this while in a mild panic over one of my own projects, due to it being referenced in another "how-to" book I was reading.  It was a quick read (around a day at most) and contained several helpful hints, many of which were useful and which I think I'll no doubt return to in the future, but some sections have become outdated between publication in 2011 and now -- for example, sections about pricing from big publishers omits that Apple and several publishers were sued in both the US and EU for price-fixing at higher rates in 2012 -- which is a peril for all reference books.

I recommend it for everyone who wants a 'second opinion' or perhaps simply another view into the world of self-publishing, but the optimistic author success stories felt a little like padding and I admit to only skim-reading them --  no-one is going to ask the many unsuccessful or struggling authors, are they?  (This isn't sour grapes, I should add!)

It's worth it for the price and it's very well-written, but be aware that some information in it may not be wholly relevant any longer.

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