Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Character Interviews

Nikolai Lunen, inventor, engineer and unwilling slave owner
I've seen these be mooted as an idea for "getting to know your characters better" and, to a certain degree, I think they really do work.  The only problem lies with the question: what do you do if your characters converse with each other and contribute scenes and opinions by themselves in your head?  I've never needed to ask my characters questions about themselves, because they usually contribute quite happily by themselves.

Yes, I know how I sound.  Shush.

But the idea sounds fun anyway.

So I decided that it might be quite fun to interview my characters for this blog.  If anything, it'll be something new to do, to take the place of the Meet My Desk series since I ran out of things with names.  I'm still pondering it over, and indulging in a healthy dose of procrastination by rendering "interview pictures" of said characters rather than writing--you'd be surprised at how time-consuming what ultimately amounts of 3D photography can be--but I think I'm more likely to do it than not.

Milos London, second surviving elven bioweapon
If anything, mostly because I already have three pictures of various characters.

So I'd like to throw it open: is there anything you'd like to ask a character?  Whether you've read Three Graces and have something you'd like to ask Cas or David, or want to ask Milos from Unravel what it's like being the second surviving elven bioweapon, or even ask Kirill from the Unnamed Steampunk [we're getting there with a name, I think] how the front of his hair came to be white--which @SplitShilo did today actually ask!--or even just a generic question to any or all characters, then go ahead.

You can post a question in the comments box here, or email me at pax@paxasteriae.co.uk, or maybe summon one through the void with esoteric rituals and blood stone circles.

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