Friday, 21 March 2014

No-Nonsense Reviews - Come To Me by Megan Derr

+ Well-written with an easy, readable style
+ Likeable (frankly adorable) characters
+ Brilliant sex scenes

+/- Might not make sense if you've not read Black Magic

- Not long enough!

It's quite hard to condense my feelings about this book into a coherent review, mostly because I'd preordered it, pounced on it the minute it became available and proceeded to squee pretty much all of the way through it.

I love the characters involved.  I fell pretty heavily for them in Black Magic, which I couldn't put down, so getting to read more about them was fantastic, although I (selfishly) would have loved the stories to be longer.  Both stories were sweet and both characters' personalities shone through along with just how much they love one another--and both managed to stab me sharply in the soul, something the first book also succeeded in.

I recommend picking it up for a short, fun and frisky read (both chapters contain sex), but don't blame me if you're just forced to have to buy the first one too.

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