Thursday, 3 April 2014

National Stationery Week, Day 4

After all the excitement of yesterday's Pen & Ink day (well, my excitement, anyway!), today is a more relaxed and sedate affair.


Today is Tidy Desk Day, a kick up the arse for people like me who just seem to attract mess.  Papers everywhere, notebooks left and right, an abandoned crochet project with my PC screwdriver wedged in it and my latest stationery order strewn across the disused desktop (not mine—the desktop, that is; the pens definitely are).
There are times I think I should stuff a "Where's Wally" figure in there and be done with it.
So, in honour of Tidy Desk day I caved in and... well, tidied.  They say a tidy desk is the sign of a tidy mind, although back when I worked in an office it was actually a sign of having nothing to do.

I'm hoping that at least in this case a tidy desk will actually lead to being able to write without having to dig around desperately for something every ten minutes or so.  Although it probably can't do anything for chronic procrastination or mild ADD.

Yes that is an old cellphone propping Sixteen up.
And I have to admit, it does look better tidy.  Not least because now I have space to display Shiki; he's no longer wedged down the side of the desktop gathering dust—since being almost completely black and glossy means he shows it to perfection.  At least Akira is predominantly grey and it blends in with him.

While I'm more sure than ever that a tidy desk has nothing to do with a tidy mind, since mine's as cluttered as ever, it does feel nice to not feel penned (ahah) in again.

We'll see how long it lasts this time!

Tomorrow: Pencil Case Day.

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