Friday, 9 May 2014

No-Nonsense Reviews - Forest of the Forsaken: The Witch's Snare by Joanne Brothwell

+ Interesting modern premise
+ Had good moments making the reader doubt themselves

+/- The relationship between characters developed too quickly

- Disappointing ending

I picked up The Witch's Snare based on its premise as being a modern-day Grimm's Fairy Tale, which it most definitely is, but for the most part I considered it to be a 'middle of the road' kind of read.

It was well-enough written, well described with good sex scenes, but I found the development of the relationship between the two main characters too fast to be particularly believable.  Luckily it wasn't as incest-y as the description seemed to imply (I don't like incest stories, but I'll give anything a try once) and there wasn't any interaction between the characters before the plot started.  Although, considering the suspicions of both main characters, that they agreed to go along with the plot at all felt a little weird and slightly off—if I had the suspicions they did, I'd have run a mile.

The witches themselves were nicely creepy, particularly in the middle of the story, and I found myself second-guessing my theories a lot, particularly in an "is she-isn't she" kind of way which was nice, even though rationally I already knew the answer.  That's always the downside to reading a story based on an established tale.

Considering the nature of the plot I'd say there are little surprises in store, but some twists were interesting, but the ending came too abruptly and too neatly for me.  I'd have liked a little more and, although everything was explained, it somehow didn't feel explained quite enough to be fully satisfying...

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