Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pinup Boy Sunday - Milos (Sci-Fi)

These have been on hiatus somewhat since my original attempts, mostly due to the fact that Sixteen sometimes struggles with rendering images and it's nearly impossible to do absolutely anything else while it's going on.

However!  Now I have Echo, I can still use Sixteen for everyday things and renders that could have taken five or seven hours on Sixteen only take two or three at most.  Unless they're ridiculously enormous, of course, and then what might take seven or eight hours on Echo would have probably overheated Sixteen entirely...

As a result, this totally pointless weekly feature is now back!

Today's pin-up is Sci-Fi Milos.

I normally avoid the 'elves in space' trope, especially considering his canon is already pretty damn odd, but I had the unexpected urge to render this.  I think he came out nicely enough, so I'm not complaining...

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  1. Hmm~ I honestly really love it. lol...
    He's sexy. ;)


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