Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pinup Boy Sunday - Milos

Finally found time for another picture that took wholly more time than it looks like it did!

Today's pin-up is Milos from my occasionally ongoing project Unravel.

A shirtless dark elf male with untidy blond shoulder-length hair and a cross-shaped scar over his heart, wearing black jeans, holding a red motorbike helmet under his right arm and holding the right handlebar of a shiny red motorbike with his left.

Milos has not had the best start in life, but through several incredible twists of fate he has ended up in a significantly better situation than he could have hoped: he's employed by the government, has been given an apartment of his own and best of all, a place to keep his beloved motorbike--the only thing of his own he was able to take from his old life.

The only downside is the colleague he's now forced to work with--the man who kidnapped him in the first place, with the paperwork to prove that it was all perfectly legal--who, despite Milos's best efforts, has become more like a partner to him, in every sense of the word.

Oh, and the genetic mutation he was forced to undergo that turns his fingers into polymetal claws.  That too.  Only that he can use as an advantage.  He's yet to find any advantage to Alex at all.

...Well, except that if Alex is in bed with him, it's another night he can put off buying a radiator for his apartment.

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