Sunday, 1 February 2015

Pinup Boy Sunday - Alex

Today's pin-up is Alex, former antagonist and now slightly unexpected main character from Radial and my occasionally-ongoing webseries Unravel.

The acerbic Alex started out life as a guinea pig in a semi-governmental facility, passed along—he supposes by his parents—due to his paranormal abilities and odd personality.  From there, he moved through the Academy to graduate at 18 and take his place working for the same shadowy organisation, cataloguing others like himself and 'claiming' those signed over to them for experimentation.  (And indulging in a lot of alcohol and casual sex along the way.)

One of those was Milos, and because the damn alfa survived his procedure, Alex is stuck with him.  But it did turn out that Milos had more uses beyond clawing his opponents and spectacularly failing to hit him during sparring lessons—though the same can't be said for the floor.

Not that he can work out how casual, grudging and somewhat blackmailed sex ended up in what seems to be an actual relationship, or why it seems so natural to share Milos's bed...  but it does make getting laid a lot easier.

Not that they really need a bed for that.  The car'll do just fine.  Or their office; the gym; behind the bar.  Or the kitchen, or alleyways, or...

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