Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pinup Boy Sunday - Corliss

Today's pin-up is Corliss Baenan, mercenary, head of security and current punching-bag from The Rose Queen.

Taken on as the head of the Orenda's security with the specific task of guarding the Rose Queen, Corliss managed to screw up spectacularly, losing not only the Rose Queen's trust, but the man himself.  So much for good intentions.

Tasked by his Captain with retrieving him, Corliss discovers his adversary might be a little quicker-witted than expected—and even if he wasn't, RQ has his own opinions on the matter .  If Corliss is to have a hope of fulfilling his job and avoid being unceremoniously dumped back into his past life he might just have to join forces with a man he hates to protect his target, because if he can't he might just lose everything...

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