Tuesday, 7 April 2015

F is for... Fayth

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Any story involving the characters of The Rose Queen might be spoileriffic if you've been following along with the excerpts posted on WiPpet Wednesday, so that's something to watch out for.

Story: The Rose Queen
Rating: 18
Word Count: 338

“This—ah!—isn’t the time!”

“This—ah!—isn’t the time!”

Fayth grinned, leaning down to lap at one of RQ’s tender rosy nipples.  “I beg to differ.”

RQ tried to turn his very best scowl onto Fayth, but it dissolved into a keening whine as Fayth very carefully nipped the nub between his teeth.  Fayth knew it was his very best scowl, it was the one he usually turned on him when he wasn’t doing what RQ wanted.  He knew it well; he got to see a lot of it.

“And anyway,” Fayth said softly, pressing a kiss to the pink porcelain of RQ’s chest, “if now isn’t the time, are you saying you want me to leave this untended?”

RQ let out another strangled sound as Fayth trailed the tip of his finger over the glossy head of RQ’s cock and tried to buck his hips up despite Fayth‘s hands on them, desperate for more.

More that Fayth was not going to give until he got his answer.  “Because we can stop here and just go—”

“You bastard,” RQ panted, wrapping both arms around Fayth’s neck.  His kiss burned, deep and passionate and full of need.  “You know damn well—”

“But you said it wasn’t the time.”  His grin widened as RQ’s scowl returned, spoiled only slightly by the strands of sweat-slick hair plastered to his forehead and flushed cheeks.  “And who am I to argue?”

“It doesn’t normally stop you,” RQ retorted, clinging tightly to his lover.  A shift in his position and his erection was nudging the front of Fayth’s pants, pressing insistently against Fayth’s own.

“We’ll be late,” Fayth said, and the words were only slightly obscured by the sudden tightness of his throat and the heat flooding his stomach.  Damn, but the sight of RQ always made his best, most teasing intentions go straight out the window...

“Right now,” RQ mumbled, nose against Fayth’s neck, “I couldn’t care less.”

“And now you’ve changed your mind, you’re sorry for arguing?”

He could feel RQ’s smile against his skin.  “Never.”


  1. To be late or not to be late? That's the real question. :)

  2. To be late or not to be late? That's the real question. :)


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