Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Some A-Z Stats and WiPpet Wednesday

It's been a long time!  ...Well, a month.

It feels a little weird getting back into this routine, as opposed to the mildly terrifying one that was Blogging From A-Z.  I came out of the other side of that with 24 stories (some unfinished), one picture that was more convoluted to do than it looks and the unpleasant experience of sinusitis, hence one hiatus post.  I even started to get the hang of typing on my Surface keyboard, which is brilliant because I've only had it around two years now...

Lessee... some stats...

In total, I wrote 14,197 words (approximately 645 words per story), which wouldn't get me anywhere in NaNoWriMo but isn't too bad considering I've written nothing for two months.  And...

Out of 24 stories, 22 are outright finished and 2 need completing (Gabrys and Jonathan).  They span 10 series with Radial/Unravel being the one I wrote most in, with 4 stories.  I also wrote 7 standalone stories, mostly because they were obscure letters like, uh... L (but not Y or Z).  My most common rating was PG (10), followed by G (7), then 18 (4) and 15 (3).  (Who'd have thought it.)  Absolutely nothing was pre-written for the event; I did every story on the day.

I don't think I have a favourite story, though there are some things that stand out the most to me that I enjoyed writing the most, such as Corliss's introduction (fastest appearance of a sex scene of the whole lot!), the dialogue between Yirien and Aralelle, and the simple fact I wrote about Eden again for the first time in years.

Would I do it again?  Possibly...  If I wasn't a neurotic wreck incapable of writing in the two months beforehand, it could be fun.  Trying to every story every day made it a little less so.

Fun fact: not written anything since either.

WiPpet Wednesday

Another fun fact: I had totally forgotten where I'd gotten to on this.

I feel kinda like I'm sneaking back, since I've been so totally absent last month (I've been reading the snippets, just not commenting... I'm bad, I know), but between work, the sinusitis and A-Z my brain was pretty much having none of it.

WiPpet Wednesday is K. L. Schwengel's blog hop where WiP excerpts are shared, with the only criteria being that the entry has to relate to the date in some way.  It can be anything from convoluted WiPpet maths or something as simple as relating to the day.  Anyone can join in, just come along and add your WiP~

I'd be doing convoluted WiPpet maths, but I'm presently quite peeved because I've got a render of RQ cooking... and I suspended and closed the external renderer since it was using all Echo's memory and I couldn't do anything.  Opened it again and, oh look, it's forgotten all its 2 days' worth of progress and has just (re)started its Subsurface Scattering pass.  That took... 2 hours? last time.  And I'd got to 86.2% total render too...  *sighs*


Today's simple maths is 6 paragraphs for the 6th May 2015.
Fayth flexed his knuckles and winced at the sting from the grazes; at least he’d come out better than the crewman, whose clutched shirt was liberally splattered with blood from his streaming nose. And, unlike the crewman, the burn that raged under his skin meant he’d only be wearing the marks for a minute longer. “It’s a shame you decided to hang around though,” he said conversationally, swiping his thumb over the band around his wrist. Obligingly, the gull-wing door of his craft lifted itself open. “’Cause we’re just leaving and in five minutes this bay will be vented of air. You get to die naked. Maybe they’ll put it on your memorial.”
The crewman opened his mouth, but it was the Rose Queen’s gentle hand that caught his wrist as he turned those dear God why eyes up at him. “Please don’t kill him. Please...”
He should resist. The man was collateral damage at best. But something in those eyes, in that helpless expression... “Get in the ship. I’ll deal with it when he can’t make another grab for you.”
The Rose Queen nodded and padded obediently into the ship. Fayth’s skin felt bereft where his fingers had previously touched. Either the man was na├»ve or had more trust in Fayth than anyone in their right mind should have. Either way, to his disgust, it made him want to live up to it; he shot a glare at the naked man like it was all his fault. “Go and stand by the door. Once we’re ready to leave I’ll open it, but it’ll only be seconds before the security systems shut it again. You got that?”
The man returned the glare full-force and for a moment Fayth thought the idiot would lunge for him. To Fayth’s relief—after a moment’s clear indecision before he came to the correct conclusion that Fayth meant every word of it—he ran to the door with his bloodstained shirt clutched to his groin.
He couldn’t suppress his chuckle.


  1. I like how there is a touch of humor here - well, maybe not humor, not sure what to call it - but a lightness in a very intense scene, like with the suppressed chuckle and the remark about the gravestone. Well done.

    1. Oh, I'm calling it humor. That last paragraph is hilarious. The picture of a naked, bloody dude actually taking a moment to contemplate whether he can still win this fight? *giggle fit* Maybe it's juvenile of me, but... yeah. That hubris is funny. I'm right there chuckling with Fayth.

  2. I agree with ReGi. LMAO at the image of the naked dude have the... um... yeah... spine. Having the spine to contemplate NOT doing as Fayth suggested. Excellent.

    And don't fret about the absences. I'm the ring leader of this thing and I've been all but invisible since April. *sigh* Soon... soon...

  3. Hahaha! Yes, I'm in agreement--humor for sure. I also love the description of the Rose Queen's eyes as "dear God why." So perfect.

  4. Another one who definitely sees the humor here. Of course, I have characters like 'Listii. Graveside humor for the win!

    Original fiction daily can be both inspiring and oh so draining. No problem with absences... heck, I'm just returning from a long hiatus myself. We all need vacations here and there.

  5. You're BACK! YAY! Would it be awkward if I hugged you? Well, too bad. *HUGS* I only figured out you were posting story things in the A-Z stuff a few days ago. I tried to comment, but....Blogger does not play nice with Wordpress, particularly on my phone which is where I do a lot of my blog reading. ANYWAY. Glad to see Fayth and RQ, and you, back! Loved this bit, too. Great imagery with that last bit there. Haha. Also, this: "Either way, to his disgust, it made him want to live up to it" - Levi is just nodding and grimacing.

    1. I don't mind hugs. :) *hugs back* It feels like it's been ages...

      Yes, Blogger has been quite peckish lately I think, and seems to have a particular appetite for openID and Wordpress things... I didn't really want to mention the A-Z stuff anyway though, since for a week or two I wasn't sure I'd even complete it, and then almost fell at the final hurdle when it came to the last week. Definitely a weird writing experience...

      Haha, I think Levi and Fayth might get along quite well... they both seem to have chosen people who're remarkably bad for their careers/lives in all the most fun ways. :p


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