Thursday, 18 June 2015

Zzzzzombie... and WiPpet Wednesday

Due to the University of Nottingham* apparently deciding that their graduation ball needed to go on until 3AM this morning, with music so loud that it was vibrating my house over two miles away with 990+ other houses between me and them...

I got maybe four hours sleep and have spent the rest of the day playing catch-up with myself.

I could happily murder people today.

BUT!  On a more cheerful note, my Figma Tachibana Makoto arrived today, and he looks very happy to be reunited with Haru.  Between stationery and models I'm starting to run out of space on my desk... not that it'll stopped me buying more of both.

I also totally forgot, last week, to say I'd taken another bookbinding course, this one teaching how to sew headbands (the striped line of material along the top and bottom of a hardback book).  Turns out it's a very laborious process if you've never done it before; I unpicked my top one several times before I was even remotely happy with it.

And then did the bottom one first time.  Sigh.

It's not the neatest spot of covering, because shortly before cutting it I saw my friend slice the tip of her finger off with a scalpel and it kind of put me off using mine (scissors do not a straight edge make), but it came out better than I'd thought it would...  I'd quite like to try working out how to lay out and print one of my stories to try binding into a hardback, but I think I'm a way off finishing anything for now.

My friend is fine and bandaged, by the way, after a visit to her local A&E—which is probably better than visiting the one in the city we were in.  Not had good experiences with that place.  Not sure how she feels about bookbinding now though...

* I mistakenly blamed the racetrack for this at around 1:30AM, but in my defense, they were the reason I was awake 'til 3AM last time.

WiPpet Wednesday

Every time I tried to sit down to write this, something ended up dragging me away from the computer.  So while I technically started this on Wednesday, it's now... well, half an hour into Thursday.  But hey, it's still Wednesday in around half the world!

Sometimes it's really difficult for me to decide which bits to share, because I read a bit, and then I read a bit more, and I think, well, this bit needs this bit and this bit follows on better straight from here... and before I know it I've wall-of-texted everyone with a whole section.  So I'll try to be a little more brief...  Sort of.

Today's snippet is 17 sentences (sorry), for the 17th June, even though it's now the 18th for me and I did just really confuse myself with that fact.  A little time has passed since Fayth's misjudged action and they're now approaching the waystation Fayth agreed to deliver RQ to...

Also, small profanity warning, because Fayth's internal voice is sometimes a little casually sweary.

RQ had spent the past week and two days avoiding being in the same room as Fayth. He didn’t speak even when Fayth led him into the cavernous docking bay and along the twisted catwalks with their flimsy handrails up to the station proper. Fayth’d expected some kind of relief at being returned, but any pleasure the black-haired man felt at being safe again wasn’t visible on his face. A faint frown furrowed his brow and turned down the corners of his mouth every time Fayth glanced back at him. If Fayth didn’t know better, he might think RQ didn’t want to be here at all.
Nonsense, of course; he’d asked. He’d volunteered. Of course he wanted to be here.
The waystation’s corridors were just as interesting as the ones inside the Orenda, which was to say boring as fuck, but at least this time he could stop to ask directions. The uniformed crewman he chose for that very function gave RQ a curious glance but said nothing other than to direct Fayth to the appropriate floor and room, then nodded respectfully as Fayth led his silent charge onward.
After two weeks of conversation, RQ’s long silence both frustrated and irritated Fayth, but there was nothing to be done for it now. He just had to hope that he wouldn’t tell Pynes about the unwanted advances his escort had made; the last thing Fayth needed now was for the second half of his fee to be cut, and for all he knew, RQ might always be this quiet in the presence of his... employers? Whatever they were. Fayth hadn’t stopped to think about it before.
“It beats being tied up and led around, right?” He tried, desperate to crack one last weak smile before they parted ways, but RQ just stared at him, then looked away.
That was that, then.


  1. O, wrong words, wrong time. I'm kinda embarrassed for him.

    1. Have to admit I cringed while writing it. He was only trying to make a dorky joke to finally crack a smile and... yeah, definitely wrong words, wrong time, poor sod. *grins*

  2. Fayth has a knack for missing the mark, doesn't he? I feel a bit bad for him because I know how easy it is to get flustered around someone you like. Still, he's a grown-up and probably should manage himself a bit better.

    1. It's a combination of spending a LOT of time on his own (he prefers to work alone and then there's travel time...) and the fact that he couldn't help hoping one last patently pathetic joke might raise even the ghost of a smile... forgetting that if RQ hasn't spoken to him for a week, it likely won't. :p

      Annnnd maybe there's a little more to it as well... ;)

  3. Poor Fayth... As a fellow member of the "I can't talk without sticking a foot in my mouth" brigade, I feel his pain... somewhat,

    And book-binding! I just signed up for a class in that starting next week!

    (And cool figurines... though... they always freak me out. I cannot look at most dolls these days without their design messing me up, the joints and such.)

    1. Haha, me too. I think there's a lot more of us around than always care to let on... ;)

      Have you started your class yet? If so, how are you finding it? :) And in the interests of avoiding any more mishaps like my friend's, I should say that when it comes to using a scalpel and ruler, keep your fingers well back from the edge and always keep your fingernails pressed to the metal to avoid cutting off the tips of your fingers if your scalpel jumps. And perhaps invest in a cheap safety ruler, which is a semi-triangular shape with a large groove down the middle to keep your fingers safe. ;)

      Figma figure joints are... weird. They're not so noticeable when the model looks clothed, but on shirtless swimmer boys they really are a little disturbing! The torsos are also pretty... weird, haha. :s (Not to compound the freakishness of them!)

  4. I agree with the others. Fayth is just not so good at the whole people thing in general, it seems. He's very, very bad at reading them. Poor guy. But Poor RQ, too. It's not fun to be on the receiving end of awkward comments, even if you know the person well enough to know they're just social goofs.

    1. He works alone a lot, and the time not spent working is usually spent travelling, so he gets a whole lot less company than he'd like. Add to that the fact that when he isn't working he spends his time in places were people are a lot less sheltered than RQ so the chances of misreading them are much less... and it just really was doomed from the start, haha.

      Yes though, poor RQ... and if he wasn't so miffed (and a couple of other emotions) right now the stupidity of the statement might actually have raised a little smile! (Or a sarcastic response, but still...) I'd love to say Fayth'll get the hang of it, but... we'll see. :p

  5. *winces* Ooooh. Man. Open mouth, insert foot. BTW, I would love to keep commenting on your blog, but google does not play well with other, like wordpress. So I'm afraid I have to keep further comments to myself, since most of my blog reading is done in snatches of time on my phone. It is a sad thing. :-(


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