Wednesday, 22 July 2015

WiPpet Wednesday: return of the half-arsed project

In most respects it's been an uneventful week, with the exception of yesterday and today...  Yesterday I decided to do a factory reset on my Nexus 7, Lydia, since she's a 2012 model whose battery life became steadily more and more appalling over time and who I suspect never quite recovered from having something like 8 failed attempts at installing Android 4.4.4 (gods only know why!).  One factory reset later and we have battery life again, far fewer apps and... absolutely no saved progress in things like Temple Run.  Sigh.  There goes 60+ gems and a few million coins...

Then today my work laptop, Four, decided he didn't much like last night's Windows update.  System froze literally five minutes after booting, and again three minutes after resetting.  I've narrowed down the problems so I guess I just have to wait and see if my fixes have worked.

And then our internet went down this morning, so it's been just great today.

Other than that, still working on the Half-Arsed Project, but it's unlikely I'll get to 30,000 before the end of Camp NaNo.  I'm at 15,000 now.

Speaking of that...

WiPpet Wednesday

It's that time of the week again!  The blog hop where everyone's WIP entries relate in some way to the date, hosted by the ever-gracious and brilliant K. L. Schwengel.  Curious?  You can find out more, visit other WiPpeteers and sign up yourself over here.

It's the 22nd July 2015 today, so my maths is going to be arse-about-face.  1 + 5 = 6.  7 - 6 = 1.  2 + 1 = 3 for butchering of the year and month.  22 + 3 = 5, for 25 sentences of the half-arsed projects that one character would quite like to turn into a detective story.  Unfortunately for him he's not the main character, so we'll just ignore him.

This is the closest we've been getting to tender scenes between Ais and Lirio just lately, and follows on from an ill-judged attempt by Lirio to hunt down information in places he really shouldn't, and a somewhat less ill-judged rescue by Ais...

This, on top of everything else, was almost unbearable.  He’d spent all that time—that he hadn’t had and he knew it even then—desperately searching Siwen’s office for something that would incriminate her and exonerate Ais, and he’d found nothing but a splitting headache and a fresh opportunity for her to make him suffer.
“Lirio?”  Ais asked softly.
“What is it?”  Because he’d better have found something, or—
“What did you mean, ‘because of me’?”
He hesitated, swallowing a couple of times.  “I needed her to think you were off-guard.  You needed her to think that.  Or that mobile mountain in the room with us...”
Ais snorted.  “He wasn’t that big.”
“Maybe not when you’re facing him or standing up,” he said bitterly.
One of Ais’ most irritating qualities was how few strides it took him to quickly cover ground; one of his most endearing qualities—not that Lirio would tell him and run the risk of him becoming big-headed—was how inexplicably comforting his arms were when they wrapped around Lirio’s shoulders.  “I should have got there sooner,” he mumbled into Lirio’s hair.  “I shouldn’t have let you go in alone.”
Guilt wasn’t a feeling Lirio was particularly accustomed to, and it certainly wasn’t one he enjoyed.  He should pull away from Ais, say something blunt to remind him he could barely protect himself, let alone Lirio.
He covered Ais’ arms with his own and allowed his eyes to close, savouring the feeling of his breath against his hair.  “You weren’t to know,” he said softly.  “Don’t worry.”
For once, Ais said nothing.  The fingers gently cupping Lirio’s shoulders squeezed gently.
“Well isn’t this the most disgustingly touching scene,” a sneering voice sheared through their reverie.  “I’d be sick but I wouldn’t want to ruin any evidence any more than you already have.”


  1. Gah! They're being all tender, and then...interruption! I would say I hate that, but secretly, I love the tension of a moment cut short. Would the interrupter be the character who wants a detective story? Because he can bite me. LOL

    1. Haha, yes, he would indeed be (and Lirio feels much the same way :p ). He's also right now trying to tell me why every thought I'd have about him is wrong, so neither Lirio nor I are feeling particularly well-inclined towards him now. :p

  2. O yikes, what a great place for that last line!

    1. Haha, thank you. It was one of those moments where the voice really did just cut across my thoughts and made me laugh... so in it went. (Such a scientific approach, haha...)

  3. Dang! Just when I thought they were going to really have a MOMENT, they get stuck in a MO -

    Windows decided to update me in the middle of a saved all my recent documents, but would not reload the Chrome tabs I had open, so things I wanted to watch or see might not happen....thankfully, there's always more to read, watch, and see....

    1. I'm pretty sure Windows just waits until the least convenient time possible before it announces it wants to update. Usually when I'm not at the computer to tell it to sod off... And Chrome in particular really does seem to hate them, doesn't it? Are your previous tabs in your history at all? *fingers crossed*

  4. Oh, dear, technology. It makes our lives so much easier -- except when it makes it harder ...

    "Nice" interruption in that snippet there. :)

    1. Definitely, and yet we persist in buying computers and tablets... I think it's just to give us something to swear at. :p

      Thank you. It was a lot more fun to write it than I really think it should've been...

  5. Have to say... I'm SO not looking forward to the end of the month when my laptop's Server 2003 operating system becomes obsolete. Granted... it might be nice to have a new laptop someday, but the effort in rearranging everything! ACK! *shudders*

    Love the scene... Was thinking though that maybe, since you're at a loss for the plot, why not let said annoying character have at it and write that detective story? Nothing like being able to say "I told you so" if it doesn't work out. And you'll have more time to work with Lirio and Ais. Win-win as far as I'm concerned (even if RQ and Fayth likely don't agree.

    1. How obsolete is obsolete? :o Does it stop working, or is it like my rattling (literally) Windows XP desktop upstairs and just stop receiving updates and support? And I know how you feel... I love my new desktop, but copying all the important data, 3D content (50-100GB I think?) and programs across was a pain. I keep finding things I forgot even now (usually something I need for a picture...).

      I think he may indeed be getting his wish, just... not with him as the main character. (He spent a while yesterday telling me why I was wrong about everything where he was concerned, and doesn't seem to take it on board when I told him why everyone else in the story thinks that way. Which is part of his problem, really...)

      But considering Ais has only just told Lirio what the Thing even looks like and they're over a day and a half in... least competent detectives ever (as aforementioned character liked to point out).

      As to RQ and Fayth... I've promised Fayth he gets to shoot someone when I'm done here. He's not particularly fussy who. RQ pleasantly suggests that Fayth might volunteer himself.

  6. Oh, snap. It looks like my comment didn't go through. Phooey. Let's see...

    I said something about technology being a Leprechaun gift; something about "Well done. Now go forth and use the force for good, my Padawan," because of the how brilliantly you selected the snippet, only I didn't want to call you a padawan because I don't know you very well yet and you're not my student; aaaaaannnnnd... something about liking that they find themselves in a fix because of good intentions.

    There. I think that sums up my original comment. :-D

    1. Blogger does like to munch on things sometimes, without any real reason why. I love how customisable it is but there are days I wish the comment system was more stable and generally like Wordpress's (even if everything else WP drives me utterly mad--and likes to eat my comments instead).

      It definitely is; somehow I heard all that in Alec Guinness's voice, which was rather epic... and I don't mind being a Padawan as I'm certainly no Jedi (would probably cut my own hand off with my lightsaber and I don't think they have a word for "don't let that one near the dangerous stuff"); and definitely. Well, Lirio's good intentions in trying to protect Ais. Ais may just need a smack for getting himself in this mess in the first place.


    2. LOL!!! Well... while I do walk around the house speaking in a British hackcent from time to time, (hackcent because I can only copy an accent closely if I've listened to it recently, so the rest of the time I'm just messing around), I don't think I can manage an Alec Guinnness. I did, however, manage a few decent David Bowie imitations back in my singing days.Not bad for a soprano. :-P


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