Wednesday, 15 July 2015

WiPpet Wednesday: revenge of the half-arsed project

Still plugging away at Camp NaNo.  I'm 8,737 words into a story I have no idea about while my characters search for both the plot and the Thing (that I have a vague notion is large, round and flat and does something bad), and are doing pretty damn badly at finding both...

To be fair to absolutely nobody, my entire cabin (which is to say, two other writers) is making much the same kind of progress as me.  Turns out handwriting these things is bloody awkward.  This is what I get for spending over half my life in front of computers...

I don't even know how I'm almost 9,000 words in.  It certainly doesn't feel like it.

WiPpet Wednesday

It's the most stealthy day of the week, the one I always fail to see coming...  WiPpet Wednesday is a blog hop run by the ever-awesome K. L. Schwengel, and a blog hop with a twist: every post relates in some way to the date!  If you want to find out more (and you should~), you can find more information and others' posts over at the inlinkz page.

Today's maths was... pretty simple, I thought, when I worked it out?  It's the 15th June 2015, so I added 1+5 to make 6, added it to the month (7) for 13, then for I added 2+0+1 to make 3, and removed that 3 from the 5 for 2, and added that to the 13 to make 15 for 15 (quite short) paragraphs...

And then I realised it's the 15th today and that would have done perfectly well by itself.

Still on the half-arsed project, and I'm concluding the one with the real sense of humour here is Ais.  Lirio has (sort of) freed Ais, taken him to see the boss (a l'il bit of that was posted on Monday) and now, quite a lot later, they're home again.

And still bickering.
For all his stubbornness and the way he took great care to make sure cleaning Ais’ face hurt, Lirio wasn’t hard to persuade to bed.  “Ten minutes,” he’d grumbled, allowing Ais to pull off his shirt and pull him into his arms on the bed, but when fifteen had passed and he was sound asleep with his head on Ais’ shoulder, Ais didn’t have the heart to wake him.  And with Lirio’s rhythmic breathing against him, he could hardly be blamed for dozing off himself, could he?
So it wasn’t particularly fair to be woken up by a punch to the arm so hard his fingers immediately went numb.  “Hey!”
“Have you got any idea what time it is?”  Lirio yelled at almost deafening volume into Ais’ ear.  “What the hells did you think you were doing?”
“Exactly the same thing you were.  Sleeping.”
Lirio stared at him like he was crazy, and for so long he started to wonder if he was.  “So everything you said about wanting a week, how you could find information—when did you plan to start?  When you only had one day left?”
“No...”  Ais found himself squirming under Lirio’s incredulity.  By all the sea gods he could think of, the man was a head shorter than him, he shouldn’t be able to make him so nervous.  But then, Lirio was the scarier one here.  “But a few hours’ delay can’t hurt, can it?  You said yourself you’ve had no sleep and I was busy getting beaten up.”
Lirio sniffed in the most derisive way Ais had ever heard a sniff be sniffed.  “You didn’t even know what day it was.  You slept through most of it.”
“Doesn’t mean it was comfortable,” Ais huffed, twisting to show off to Lirio the bruises mottling his torso, and froze at the sight of Lirio’s flat belly.  “What’s that?”
Lirio glanced down, mouth open to no doubt complain again, then clacked it shut and yanked the sheet up, like he thought covering the fist-sized bruise smack in the middle of his belly would make Ais immediately forget it existed.
It didn’t.  “Lirio, what happened in that meeting?”
“I told you.  Nothing.”
“You also told me you didn’t want to talk about it, and that doesn’t sound—or look—like nothing to me.”
Lirio sighed a long-suffering sigh, but Ais felt him lean fractionally away.  “It’s a reminder.”
When it seemed like a polite silence might be too subtle, Ais prompted, “of?”
This time the sigh was softer and more heartfelt.  “Of what will happen if I bring you back empty-handed at the end of the week.”


  1. Those are not the kind of reminders anyone likes to get. Poor Lirio. I don't know where this one is going, but it's definitely interesting.

    1. It sounds kind of awful, but Lirio's become a little used to treatment like that now. Ais, on the other hand, has not...

      *cough* Don't worry, I don't know where this one is going either. *grins*

  2. These two sound like they're revving up to take over the story...I'm guessing they know the plot and just haven't clued you in yet...

    My characters do that to me all the time. Especially T'Pol, who has, on several occasions, shifted gears completely - and in the middle of a sentence. And there's no persuading that woman. She just insists she's being logical, even when we both know she isn't....

    Anyway, I'm itching to see what you come up with - and what Ais does, too!

    1. I'd LOVE for them to tell me the plot. I keep writing and failing to work out what's going on...

      T'Pol is a very strong lady, I'm not surprised she gets away from you. I think she and Lirio would possibly get along quite well... and likewise Ais and Trip, who I think might both sit there scratching their heads and trying to work out just where these forces of nature actually came from!

      Ais is becoming gradually more frustrated over time. He's an easy-going guy, so when he finally loses his temper I suspect it might be spectacular...

  3. "By all the sea gods he could think of" - I like that line a lot. :)

    1. Hehe, thank you. Ais says he holds those quite dear to his heart, so he's glad you like it. :)

  4. "Lirio sniffed in the most derisive way Ais had ever heard a sniff be sniffed." *giggles*

    And ooo! Intrigue! And having to bring your bf back with something or not at all. Makes one wonder how secure that relationship is. Or was, as the case may be.

    (I still want to know what's going to happen to RQ.)

    1. *grins* I'm glad that line made you giggle, it's still one of my favourites out of the whole thing so far.

      I will get back to RQ soon, I promise! Not least because both he and Fayth keep tapping their feet and looking at their watches, since (although I'm not there yet with WiPpet posts) I did manage to leave then in a pretty awkward position when I stopped writing...! ;)

  5. You complain so much about how hard this is to write and yet... it comes off as so effortless. A lot of fun reading here, though Lirio clearly isn't enjoying it all that much.

    1. Awww, thank you! That really means a lot!

      I think Lirio is enjoying less that Ais found out than anything else...

  6. Talk about your painful reminders. I like these guys - hope to see more of them!

    1. I'm actually enjoying writing about them a lot more than I thought I would when I started this month! I'd say you're definitely likely to see more of them, at least until the month ends and I run screaming from anything involving handwriting for a little while.


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