Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WiPpet Wednesday: a totally half-arsed project

I'm not being facetious either: it's Camp NaNo and I was woefully unprepared.  I didn't write anything at all the first day, because I didn't know which project to work on and as our small cabin is handwriting our stories I didn't want to start writing anything I was already mid-type.

So I sat down on the second day and just started writing, and it turned out I was writing about Lirio and Ais, who first turned up under L is for Lirio in the A-Z Challenge.  There even seems to be a plot, though it's being a little stubborn at making itself fully known, which involves a thing that Ais should have fetched that is now missing.

Would love to know what the thing is though...

So, yep.  This month is now given over to a project I am not just winging, but am pantsing in ways I haven't pantsed for years.

WiPpet Wednesday

WiPpet Wednesday is a blog hop hosted by the lovely K. L. Schwengel, where participants share snippets from their WIPs with just one twist: the excerpt must in some way relate to the date, either through simple means or fancy maths.  You can read more (well worth it) and find out more over here.

Last week we left Fayth with the bombshell that RQ is going to be executed as he has outlived his usefulness.

This week, we're going to still leave him there, because you're getting something from this barely-even-first-draft WIP instead.  Mostly because half-arsed though it may be, I'm having a lot of fun with it, and it turns out I rather like Lirio and Ais (though I'm not sure the feeling is mutual).

Today is the 8th July 2015 (8/7/2015), so today's maths goes as follows: 2+0+1+5 = 8 - 7 = 1.  1 + 8 = 9 for nine paragraphs from the first section.  And don't worry when I say "9 paragraphs": handwriting everything means most paragraphs are very short...

He did his best to glower at him through his remaining good eye, but from the widening of the smirk the whole effect was spoiled by his bruised face and black eye.  “I won’t.”
“You’ve found your voice?”  The leader asked, amusement positively dripping from every word.  “We’re making progress already.  It won’t be long before you’re singing pretty songs and eating out the palm of my hand.  Maybe even literally.  I’d enjoy that.”
His eyes widened in horror—at the exact same moment the leader’s did.  When he toppled backwards, rapidly followed by his accomplice, it was with the same stupid, shocked expression.
One he wore himself as a voice, a familiar voice, growled out, “only thing you’ll enjoy is a splitting headache, dick.”
That voice.  He knew that voice like the back of his foot—like the back of his hand but marginally less familiar.  But it couldn’t be, because that would just be wrong.  It would turn the world on its head.  And worst of all, it would totally blow his cover.
Maybe, if he was lucky, he wouldn’t recognise him.
“Ais?”  So much for that.  “Ais, is that you?  What’re you doing here?”
He turned a bloody smile up at his lover.  Well.  Probably ex-lover now.  “Lirio.  Never expected to see you here.”  After all, how much worse could it get?
From the pursing of Lirio’s lips and the way his fingers twitched for the knives at his belt, probably much, much worse.


  1. This is my favorite line: "He knew that voice like the back of his foot—like the back of his hand but marginally less familiar." Hahaha! I can see why you're having fun. These two seem...interesting.

    1. Have to admit, that line was a lot of fun to write so I'm glad you like it. :D I feel like the more I write, the more these two are turning into a small, localised chaos vortex...!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH!!! What happened to RQ!?! *sobs*

    I agree with Amy. That line is brilliant. Whatever you do, that line must stay. =0)

    1. *wiggles fingers in a totally mysterious way--* Wait, never mind, I can see you went and looked. :p Although whether looking actually answers the question... Don't worry, I'll get back to them eventually! *grins*

      I did enjoy writing that line, so mayyyybe I'll let it stay (that you guys like it too definitely works in its favour). ;)

  3. 'how much worse could it get?' Never a question you should ask. Because it will always get worse. Great snippet.

    1. I've concluded now that Ais is a big dumb puppy (which seems to be mostly how I'm referring to him right now...), and big dumb puppies are never great with consequences of questions like that. *grins*

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D


    *ahem* My bad. Sorry. Moving on...

    I agree with Amy on that line. Excellent! And I see why you're having fun with these two. I had something pop into my head the other day... okay, two somethings. But the last thing I need right now is more projects. LOL Who can argue with the muses, right?

    1. The short version is that Fayth has returned RQ, gone to eat a particularly awful cream cake, and has just been accidentally told by a crewman that... yep, RQ is to be executed. ;) As to more than that... wellll maybe after this month...

      You have to be careful with those two somethings, because if you don't give in to them now they'll just start worming little plotty tendrils through your mind and soon they'll be all you can think about. Somethings are troublesome little beasties. Definitely don't argue with the muses, I think they're the ones holding the leash...

  5. The back of the foot line must stay! So your readers have decreed, thus, so shall it be! =)

    LOVE this! I'm thinking Ais is going to need to pay big-time for being where he shouldn't be, without telling Lirio....but knives can make it sure he's an ex-lover, if Lirio's not very skilled with his blades...

    I started drafting my NaNo project YESTERDAY! I was plotting with a new to me method, and it took longer than expected, and it's July, which is tumultuous for me, and our daughter had a birthday that took out Wednesday nearly completely (in a wonderful way, but still)...

    I'm almost 6500 words in, now, though, and, although I'm going to have to really scramble to make my 75K goal, I'm loving what that extra time has produced!

    I hope you won't keep us waiting forever to see whether Fayth is willing to rescue RQ a second time!

    1. Haha, definitely looks like the back of the foot line is staying. *grins*

      Oh Lirio is very skilled with his blades, but in a usually quite terminal way so perhaps Ais should learn to behave himself a little better...

      Which plotting method are you trying? (I'm curious, mostly because I'm terrible at plotting!) Still, it sounds like you're making great progress! 75k?? I'm in awe of that goal! I'm only at almost 7,000 myself (with the added joy of hand cramps...)

      Happy birthday to your little one, I'm sure she had a great day!

      As to Fayth and RQ... well, hopefully after this month we'll be returning to them! Hopefully... *grins*

  6. A whole CampNaNo cabin of hand-writers.... Sounds fun. Almost as much fun as what I suspect you have planned for Lirio and Ais.

    1. There's not so many of us as all that... well, there's three of us. Apparently no one else felt the urge to put themselves through hand-cramp hell.

      Haha, I wish I had something--anything--planned for them!

    2. Well, you can always send me an invite to the group. I'm with some of my JuNoWriMo crew at the moment, but cabin assignments change around. (Not that I'm on the site much ... or at all lately.)


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