Monday, 17 August 2015

Ready, Set, WRITE! - Week Eleven

Ready, Set, WRITE! is a summer writing challenge hosted by Erin L. FunkAlison MillerKaty UppermanJaime Morrow and Elodie Nowodazkij as a way to encourage participants to get going on their projects and to help keep us accountable.  We share brief updates every Monday so as not to interrupt writing time with blogging.  You can find out more here or check out others' updates over at the hosts' blogs.

1. How I did on last week’s goal(s)

Last week I'd intended to write 5,000 words, 1,000 of which were to be handwritten, and I'd wanted to finish G is for Gabrys.  I actually wrote 6,880 words, of which 5,340 were handwritten and 1,540 were on Gabrys.  Needless to say... I didn't finish Gabrys.

2. My goal(s) for this week

Finish G is for Gabrys.  And maybe write a little on the Camp NaNo project...  In short, the same as last week: write 5,000 words, 1,000 of which should be handwritten, finish that damn story.

3. A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

His stomach clenched.  He’d been too shocked, too upset, to realise before.  But he’d be damned if this didn’t make him sound—oh shit—like the most likely culprit.  From the tenseness behind him, he wasn’t the only one arriving at this conclusion.  And how could he blame Ais for it when he’d stabbed him, no matter how lightly, just for saying he loved him.

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week

My birthday was on Saturday, but since it's not really a birthday if you don't get time off from work (and I was maybe a little resentful it fell on my one day off a week!) I had Friday off too and we went out.  I didn't get much done either day, but they were fun.

EDIT: Also, unexpected sequelitis.  I heard ADHDS's The Informant and suddenly realised what Lirio and Ais were doing after the end of the story.  It's frustrating, I don't/didn't want to write a sequel!

5. Something I love about my WIP

That Lirio has just spent almost all of this section completely naked.  Ridiculous, but it amuses me nonetheless.  And also that his mental anguish turns out to be remarkably good for word count.


  1. Happy happy belated birthday :) And yay for August birthdays :)
    I love that excerpt, you always have such wonderful endings - ones that make me want to keep on reading!
    Cheering you on!

  2. Still you did great! Almost 7K that’s amazing. You still worked on Gabrys so still a huge win  You can finish it!

    Wow an interesting clip for sure. Stabbed lightly, never heard that before.

    Happy belated birthday!

    Finding amusement in your work is the best thing there is.

  3. Happy belated birthday! As a former school teacher and one with a September birthday, I almost always had to work on my bday. It's all good - just celebrate when you can and it sounds like you did! And sounds like you are making great progress with your goals! I am so intrigued by this character who stays naked for so many pages!

  4. Happy birthday! Glad you got a chance to celebrate! Awesome job going above and beyond your word count goal -- you totally rocked it! And I love your excerpt. It's so packed with tension. Well done! Have a wonderful week, Pax!

  5. Naked characters FTW! And happy birthday :)

  6. Congrats on your goals. You got so much written! And happy belated birthday. Good luck this week!

  7. Happy birthday! Best of luck finishing that draft this week. :)


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