Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WiPpet Wednesday: unexpecting the unexpected

Bearing in mind my utter uselessness at continuing on with NaNo stories after NaNo has finished (and I have 12 years' worth of unfinished NaNo stories to back this up!), that I'm still working on this Camp NaNo project is somewhat bemusing...  I'm now at 29,000 words and I have the weirdest suspicion that I've now actually started dreaming about Ais and Lirio.

Things are, as ever, going from bad to worse for our heroes (using the term loosely...) which apparently means that for the last two days I've sat down and accidentally written around 1,000 words a day on them.

Shame it's not 1,000 words on any of the projects I'm actually supposed to be working on!  The weirdest thing is though, that I'm actually having fun.  (Lirio's not, but if he was I wouldn't have so much to write about.)

Also, after ages of reading people say "well it's an acquired taste..." and "I had to force myself to drink it the first week or so..." I finally decided to try green tea.

After my first cup, it's been pretty much the only hot drink I have drunk.  Turns out I actually really like it.  So, finally, something healthy I've been successful with!

WiPpet Wednesday

WiPpet Wednesday is a blog hop hosted by K. L. Schwengel to encourage people to work on and share their Works in Progress, but it's a blog hop with a twist: each snippet should in some way relate to the date, either through basic substitution or WiPpet maths.  You can find out more, read other blogs and sign up yourself over here.

Today's maths is pretty basic: it's the 12th August so it's 12 + 8 for 20 lines from The Rose Queen and we're still on Corliss, just for this one last bit.  (Although if you do fancy reading any more about him, I wrote an 850-word 18+ thing with him before his life in this story for the A-Z Challenge here.  Fastest sex scene of the month!)

Medworth’s eyes narrowed.  Everyone thought his crow’s feet were marks of a life spent laughing; Corliss suspected they had as much to do with the icy glare he seemed perfectly capable of pinning his Head of Security to the carpet with.  Perhaps Medworth smiled with other crewmen, but Corliss was there under sufferance.  “Unless you’re capable of making it up to the Project—to me—somehow?”
At last, a straw he could clutch at.  It might do nothing to stop him being swept back to Caleca, but if he was lucky and absolutely refused to let go, it might just allow him to claw his way back into the Captain’s good graces.  “I’ll do anything to serve the Orenda.  You know that, sir.” 
He didn’t need to hear the words to know what they’d be, but Medworth didn’t leave things to chance and intuition.  “Retrieve the Rose Queen.  Prove you’re the man you assured us you were when we took you on.” 
Corliss nodded, snapping out a smart salute.  “Yes, sir.”  There was nothing else he could say.  No words could make it better.  It was action, because even death was better than the alternative.  He hesitated, saluted again, then turned on his heel and stalked from the room, Medworth’s eyes burning a hole in his back. 
In the hallway, his face collapsed into a scowl that could have been career-ending had Medworth seen it.  His life had gone straight to Hell all right, and if he didn’t do something about it now, Hell would seem like an all-expenses-paid five-star resort on a garden planet in comparison to Medworth’s pointed threat. 
Somehow—and he’d better come up with a way, fast, because he didn’t think Medworth was in a patient mood—he’d get the gardener back and make the thieving bastard who stole him pay for his loss of face.


  1. Ruh roh! Hurry, Fayth, hurry! RQ needs you and you need to get to the high ground. With RQ in tow.

    My sympathy for Corliss has just plummeted. I still have a bit there, enough to make him a great antagonist, but no more, "Awww. Poor Corliss."

    1. Haha, he's not that bad! ...Actually, well, Fayth pretty much agrees with you, but Fayth may be a tiny bit biased on certain subjects... :p

      I do think a little "aww, poor Corliss" might be warranted, but then, I'm biased too since I have the unwritten scenes in my head. (Now if someone could invent a machine so I could think them rather than have to type them I'd be eternally grateful...)

  2. I missed a lot of this story in my absence, but I still love it. This only adds a whole layer to it that sounds fantastic!

    1. Eheh... honestly, I'd say you probably haven't missed that much at all. Aside from my snail's-pace WiPpets, there's been a whole month of half-arsed NaNo with a grumpy assassin and his (mostly) affable partner. :p I'm glad you enjoyed this though!

  3. Ooooh... Fayth is in some kind of trouble now! Nice characterization here, and a lot of tension building up.

    1. He very definitely is! Corliss can be very single-minded about things... ;)


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