Wednesday, 2 September 2015

WiPpet Wednesday: gamey rambling (again) and things not at all going according to plan...

I finally did it!  I worked my little arse off and I finally got G is for Gabrys finished... although I didn't get to do much else between that, work and family time...

As a reward, I'm having a couple of days off (sorry Ais, Lirio, RQ and Fayth...) to play Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain.

I am... not very good at Metal Gear games.  I liked Metal Gear Solid 2 enough to buy it on the Vita after I had it on the original Xbox, although that may have had something to do with a certain put-upon, very dim, blond male character who spends a chunk of the game naked.  I have MGS3 on Vita mostly because it came with MGS2; I don't have MGS4 (despite it also featuring the put-upon, dim blond) because that was PS3 only and the PS4--which, like the PS3, I said I would only get if there were enough games I wanted to play to justify the cost--is not backwards compatible nor is it likely to be.  And I have MGS5: Ground Zeroes, which although I completed I unfortunately did not play enough to unlock said dim blond's level, due to being damn terrible at sneaking.

Also, I have Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which is actually my favourite game out of all of them, not least for featuring the same certain put-upon dim blond and for being far more my kind of game, which means lots of stabbing and no sneaking at all.  Also vast amounts of homoerotic content.  (No, I'm not kidding.)

I've also got a lot of other computer games.  And in those games, there's usually theft of some kind.  You can pickpocket and rob bodies in Assassin's Creed.  You can hack computers and steal cars in Watch_Dogs, or accidentally pilfer cheese in Skyrim.  Most RPGs encourage unsolicited entering of homes, rifling through their drawers and helping yourself to their valuables.  Even in Portal you can pick up and run away with a usually very startled sentry turret.

The Phantom Pain is probably the first game I've played where you can steal the enemy soldiers.

I am having a field day.

WiPpet Wednesday

WiPpet Wednesday is a blog hop organised by the always-brilliant K. L. Schwengel, which focuses on our Works in Progress and ties them into the date, either through simple means or more complicated WiPpet Maths.  It's a whole lot of fun filled with brilliant excerpts, and you can find out more and join in yourself here.

It's the 2nd September (02/09, woo, new month!), so my maths is just 9 - 2 = 7, for 7 paragraphs, following on from Fayth deciding that playing nice just wasn't working any longer (though it looks like it might start backfiring...)

This will make sense eventually, honest.  (Also, profanity warning.)
The guard went down with a howl, one hand scrabbling uselessly for his pistol while the other clasped his knee.  The second guard fumbled with the catches on his holster, all the while gaping at Fayth; Fayth shot him in the foot.  Without waiting for either man to get a handle on their pain long enough to process what was happening, he dashed between them and grabbed RQ’s hand.  “Come on.”
RQ jerked back in his grip, struggling to free himself.  “What the hell are you doing?!  Let me go, you fucking madman!”
Fayth tightened his grip and put a second laser hole in one of the guard’s legs for good measure.  “I’m saving your worthless life, that’s what I’m doing, and if you don’t get moving I’ll shoot you in the legs too.”
RQ paled but made no effort to follow.  It took all of Fayth’s strength to drag him forward, muttering profanities under his breath the whole way.  He even had to put a third hole into one of the guards, to add insult to injury: a neat one in his hand because the bastard was going for his gun again.  Clearly incapable of taking a hint.  The other one was a little quicker on the uptake, his own falling away from the butt of his pistol, but Fayth had to reverse up the hallway nonetheless, in part to keep an eye on them, and in part because he suddenly didn’t trust RQ not to brain him if he turned his back.  Just remembering his punch made Fayth’s cheekbone ache.
In front of him, RQ tried to pull free again and yelped as Fayth crushed his hand.  “Don’t you understand I’m trying to help?”  Fayth shouted over the deafening wah-wah of the alarm speaker they passed under.  So far there was no sign of the other two guards.  Fayth had to hope that by now they were at least two floors above them.  “Don’t you know what they want to do?”
His third attempt to wrench himself free unsuccessful, RQ just stared at Fayth with his mouth compressed into a thin line and didn’t say a word.
Fayth shoved the pistol into the back of his trousers, swapping the hand grasping RQ’s for a grip on his slender wrist instead.  Turning his back on him might be a risk, but at least it’d be harder for him to escape.  “I didn’t think you were an idiot but I guess I was wrong.”


  1. Whyyyy! Why, RQ, do you want to die? :'-( Oh, the sniffles! Oh, the sad, sad sniffles! Knock him senseless, Fayth! Throw him over your shoulder like a sack and run! Save him whether he wants saving or not! *sniffles*

    Unless... RQ really didn't know and he thought Fayth meant something else.

    But otherwise! RQ! And here I was going to make my favorite chocolate-orange cake! And my birthday is coming up! And two of my kidses birthdays! You wouldn't want me to have to explain why mommy is so sad so close to their birthdays, would you? No! Of course not! I know Fayth doesn't. I'm counting on you, Fayth!

    1. Fayth very much likes that idea. ;) And he says he'll do everything he can to rescue RQ, no matter how stubborn he is about it, because it wouldn't do to make a lady sad on her birthday.

      RQ looks suitably shame-faced. :p

  2. I typed a long comment. Google promptly ate it, belched, and laughed at me, all while demanding a verification code because I'm using a different machine.

    Sometimes, Google is kind of a jerk.... the gaming ramble...I learned a lot about dim naked blondes and the diversity that's out there. I had no idea! But, I really wanna know, Pax....what are you doing with all those soldiers you're stealing? ;D Can we expect some new characters to emerge from this and get all frictiony with each other? Please?

    And RQ - you must not know that they're planning to kill you...I can see why you might be a bit worried about Fayth's motives (which might not be a bad idea, unless you're a lot more into him than you're letting on), but he's trying to save your LIFE, man. You might try not standing on your virtue....quite so much. It's not much use if you're dead, after all....

    1. Google is indeed a jerk, it seems to get very hungry sometimes.

      I do apparently have a soft spot for the dim naked blond... As to what I'm doing with the soldiers, well... apparently I'm stealing these Russian blokes to put them into indentured servitude on my base in the middle of the ocean (which is currently pink because my mother objected to its original orange colour, saying it looked too much like the one in MGS2) and teaching them to speak with American accents. They also get brilliant new names, like Blue Hippo and Stubborn Alligator. Or, in one somewhat memorable case, Bastard Rhino. But we do now have a base puppy (yes, really!) and all the soldiers coo over it, so perhaps it's a high point to being kidnapped by Fulton Device...

      RQ is just looking down and scuffing one foot. Which, to be honest, is pretty much a good thing; he's in a pretty argumentative mood at this point... As to his virtue, wellllll... that's a bit of a sore point still. :p

  3. Some great lines in here. Now, RQ, let him rescue you already!

    1. Hopefully he'll actually listen to you all! He's very good at not listening to me or Fayth. :p


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