Wednesday, 16 September 2015

WiPpet Wednesday: gloom and (impending) doom

Sorry for my total uselessness at getting around the blogs last week.  I've been in a frankly ridiculous "blah" mood for a while.  I think it has something to do with the weathers or the seasons or something.  Either way it's irritating.  I'm getting nothing done.

Well, not strictly true.  I'm trying to keep my hands busy so I've been making some jewellery for my mother's birthday.  Well, was, until I ran out of 4mm green bicones, so I have to wait for more to arrive...

The flowers are a necklace (hence being so irritating when I ran out); the diagonal stripes are a bracelet.  She also wants some glasses cords for when her glasses make a break for it, so I'm trying to figure out how best to approach those (have all the materials I need, anyway, including some "how much??" non-tarnish silver wire).

Oh, and a tiny anvil.

It's very heavy.  I think you could brain someone quite effectively with it.

WiPpet Wednesday

WiPpet Wednesday is hosted by the always-lovely K. L. Schwengel, and is a blog hop where participants share sections of their works in progress (hence the name).  All entries should relate to the date in some way, either via simple means or complicated WiPpet Maths.  You can find out more and read the other entries over here.

It's the 16th September 2015, so 1 + 6 = 7; 2 + 0 + 1 = 3 and 3 - 5 = 2.  7 + 2 = 9 for the convoluted maths, or simply 9 paragraphs because it's the 9th month.

The elevator has come to a stop and the doors have opened on Fayth and RQ.  It's... going about as well as you'd expect.

Five weapons of varying sizes were levelled at his face as the elevator door pinged closed behind them.  In his grip, he felt RQ tense, then lean back slightly.  The door sighed open again.
“Any sign of them yet?”  He said, forcing a smile.  “I was just telling the guards how everyone knows the secure block is at the bottom of these things.  We decided RQ was better off upstairs where they wouldn’t think of looking.”
Two guns wavered, then lowered.  The other three sets of fingers edged closer to their triggers.
And still RQ remained silent.  He could break away, make a dash for the safety of the guards and crewmen and there’d be nothing Fayth could do to stop him.  He could scream, yell how he’d been abducted yet again, but he stared at the floor and didn’t say a word.  Fayth should feel grateful, he knew he should, but it was downright irritating; his life was at least partially in the hands of a man who acted more like a spoiled brat.
A third gun slowly lowered, its large owner giving him a long, searching stare.  “Where’s his escort?”
“Two came up here,” Fayth said without missing a beat.  “I guess by the stairs, if they’re not here yet.  The other two said they’d stay down there just in case.”
The speaker looked unconvinced.  Fayth didn’t blame him; he was being incredibly unconvincing.  “There’s nothing on the radar.”
“I bet there was nothing on your radar last time either.  If you could just get out of my way...”
The gun snapped up again.

Perhaps Fayth should stop talking now.


  1. Knowing when to stop talking - a vital skill to develop. I should know - I'm often found disastrously lacking in that (and some might say I NEVER stop talking. One of those might be my Accomplice, who's had 18 years to test the theory....).

    I think I should stop talking (about that) now. =)

    Is it wrong that I have anvil envy? I think I need a tiny anvil that could fit in my hand and effectively brain someone. Seriously. I may be a pacifist, but I know cool and useful when I see it!

    Your jewelry is lovely - you've got a lucky mom!

    I'm happy to see that RQ is at least not resisting Fayth's efforts. Not exactly helping, either, but - well, that does seem to be his pattern, so...

    Maybe Fayth should try spoiling him a little, just to see what happens?

    No pressure, but to tempt you over to my page, I'm going to tell you - TnT are back for at least this month. Lots of beginnings to be had....

  2. Fayth's a fast talker. That could either get them out of trouble... our into even more. I'm thinking this is leaning more to the second option. Great snippet

  3. I've been in a state of blah myself of late. I'm fairly certain mine has nothing to do with weather and more to do with internal impatience and frustration. But it does tend to get in the way of creativity.

    I love these two. Fayth is so good at trying to talk his way out of things. I like that you show us how he's getting a bit peeved with RQ's lack of support.

  4. Being blah makes socializing very hard. Makes doing what one must also hard. The weather and season changes cause me blah, as well. I've been fighting it hard this year. Though, I don't always win.

    Fayth is in a tough spot. I probably would have tried talking my way out of it too. I probably would have gotten shot. I'm not good at it either.

    1. OH! Forgot to add that those are beautiful! Great job with the bracelet and necklace. (Son is doing homework a few feet away and distracted me by being distracted, if that makes sense.)


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