#aNovelRomance Prompts – Alex & Milos

I did the #aNovelRomance interview prompts on Twitter with Alex and Milos for quite a while, and these can be found beneath the Read More on the bottom... not least because they really do like to argue.  Even within the constraints of Twitter, they became quite long and these have been edited for clarity, so slightly longer still.  Also I recommend checking out the hashtag: the characters people share are so varied and interesting!

Have the characters who will be participating in the interview introduce themselves.

Alex: I'm Alex Jaska. I work for the government. Which department? ...Don't worry about that.
Milos: Hi, I'm Milos London. I work with him. I haven't worked out yet what I did so wrong to be stuck with him though.
Alex: Shh. I didn't ask for you either, remember.​

How did you meet?

Milos: We met when I made a delivery to him--
Alex: We met before that, actually.
Milos: What?
Alex: The first time your charming landlord had you deliver to that arse with the shitty car. I was watching you. How did you think I knew to intervene the second time?
Milos: ...

What was your first kiss like?

​Milos: He'd pissed me off, so I was getting dressed and leaving--
Alex: Even though it was your own apartment.
Milos: —And he just grabbed me and kissed me. I... never knew it would feel like that. [He smiles at Alex.]
Alex: We haven't really stopped since, have we?

Are you intimate? If so, how long did it take to reach that point?

Milos: We started having sex before we ever kissed. Alex got drunk, couldn't get laid, and demanded I... uh, help him out.
Alex: It's not like you didn't have prior experience.
Milos: Not the point.
Alex: [shrugs] Worked out though, didn't it?
Milos: Also not the point.​

What's the worst argument you've had?

Milos: The worst was probably when I—I ran away. I don't know why I thought it'd help. Alex was furious.
Alex: And your timing was shit as ever.
Milos: I didn't know someone would try to frame you for murder!
Alex: You didn't think our sudden absences would be noticed?​

Have you ever lied to each other?

Milos: It's hard to lie to Alex. He's got a file with absolutely everything about me in.
Alex: I seem to have misplaced that file, actually.
Milos: Oh. Uh. I... Where's it gone?
Alex: Hm. Probably misplaced in the move. It'll turn up.
Milos: Yeah...​

Would you lie to your partner if their well being was at stake?

Alex: If that lie meant keeping him alive, then without hesitation.
Milos: Definitely.
Both men both nod emphatically.
Milos: Although you do lie to me a lot.
Alex: You're gullible.
Milos: I prefer trusting.
Alex pauses, closes his mouth, then smiles briefly.

Does anyone else in your partner's life make you feel left out?

Milos: Work can get pretty overwhelming and I know better than to drag Alex away from paperwork. And the time Alex was in Germany. It was an odd week without him.
Alex: That idiot.
Milos: Huh?
Alex: Sam. He wanted to steal you.
Milos: [takes Alex's hand] He didn't though.​

Are you okay with public displays of affection?

Milos: It... it can get awkward. I mean, we're both guys and I'm dokkalfa, so people already have a weird idea about me, and--
Alex: If they don't like it they can stop looking.
Milos: Easy for you to say... [He is cut off by Alex kissing him.]

[Interview paused]

How do you think other people feel about your relationship?  Do you care?

Alex: I don't care what anyone thinks.
Milos: I do, but I don't get a say in it. [He gestures to Alex.] Everyone at work is supportive though. I think Nazarian is actually happy about it.
Alex: He thinks you'll be a good influence.
Milos: He's not delusional, you know.​

Are you in love with each other?

Milos: Uh, that's, um— [He blushes]
Alex: [raises an eyebrow] So you didn't mean it?
Milos: I... didn't mean to say it...
Alex: [softly] Even though I said I love you too? [Alex wraps his arm around Milos and pulls him against him.]
Milos: [whispers] Yes. I did mean it.​

Have you said 'I love you' yet?  If so, who said it first?

Alex starts laughing.
Milos: [elbows him in the stomach; his arm passes through Alex's body.] Damnit, it's not funny. I didn't mean to just—just blurt it out like that!
Alex: I'm glad you did.
Milos: I thought you'd just get up and leave.
Alex: Did you want me to?
Milos: ...No.​

When did you realise you'd commit?

Alex: You need a certain degree of commitment to your partner in our jobs anyway, but I think the realisation came when I threw myself off a building to save him.
Milos: And you could've died!
Alex: If I hadn't you WOULD have died. The risk was worth it.​

What quirk or bad habit does your partner have?

Alex: Jesus, where do I start? You'd think with his reflexes he'd be a half-decent combatant, but he just falls over his own feet. If I wasn't a phase-shifter he could've killed me multiple times. His filing
Milos: And you're an arrogant, sex-obsessed bastard!​

Do you fart around each other?  Or do you try to keep it discreet?

Milos: I was raised properly, you know. My parents would've been horrified.
Alex: Hey, I was raised properly too. Nothing like government education to beat some decent behaviour into us. And there were three others in the dorm. No one wants to put up with that.​

What do you like most about each other?

Alex: Hm. I'm sure there's SOMETHING— [smirks as Milos punches his arm] I like how you do what you're told and, despite my fears to the contrary, you're a fast learner.
Milos: You're... no, I'm struggling.
Alex: And you taste good.
Milos: ... ANYWAY. [Milos turns pinkish.]

What personality traits would you say are the most different between you?

Alex: I'm organised and I'm not clumsy.
Milos: I at least TRY not to be an arse.
Alex: I can lie without turning red. [Alex smirks]
Milos: Which just proves my point.
Alex: Okay, I admit you're better with colleagues. You actually like talking to them.
Milos: You scare them...​

What was the first thing you noticed about your partner?

Alex: That he was a dark elf
Milos: Congratulations, you noticed the first thing EVERYONE notices about a grey-skinned dokkalfa.
Alex: —and that he was clearly either naive or stupid.
Milos: I noticed his eyes and how smugly arrogant he is. The scariness came later.

Where was your first date?

Alex: I think it was in that club when the woman told us we looked cute together.
Milos: That wasn't a date. That was when work told us to socialise Or Else.
Alex: I put my arm round you. That makes it a date.
Milos: You were doing it to wind me up.
Alex: Fun though.​
Milos: Actually, when WAS our first date?
Alex: Wasn't it when we fucked?
Milos: God no. I'm not having THAT as our first date. That was blackmail!
Alex: When I kissed you?
Milos: Nope.
Alex: It should've been Valentines Day. Now I need to arrange it. Maybe this time work won't ruin it

Is there something you sacrifice for your partner often, that you secretly hate doing?

Alex: My sanity.
Milos: Same. And sometimes you make me drink alcohol, which you know I hate.
Alex: Just because of one thing! But aside from that, no. I think we get along pretty well.
Milos: I'm not sure anyone reading the transcripts would agree.

What is your biggest relationship challenge?

In unison: Work.
Milos: We spend a lot of time there, between my classes & training, & his training, & the paperwork and travel...
Alex: Not that I'd say there's anything wrong with paperwork.
Milos: No, you wouldn't.
Alex: It's finding time to fit in sex.
Milos sighs.​

Does your culture impact your relationship?

Alex: The Academy always had a more...relaxed culture regarding sexuality so no one who grew up there cares, beyond general surprise.
Milos: For me it's a little weirder. There's a 'reputation' dokkalfa have, thanks to ljusalfa rumours. We get some funny looks.​

Do you still look (with interest) at other men or women?

Milos: I never looked at anyone with interest *before*, so no.
Alex: Well, yes. There's still plenty of beautiful women around, it'd be rude to ignore them. Would I act on it though? [Alex glances sidelong at Milos; Milos doesn't appear to notice] No. Not now.​

How big of a deal are special occasions in your relationship?

Alex: Work always seems to go to hell around your birthday, doesn't it?
Milos: Yeah, I'm starting to think it's a talent. It always catches yours too.
Alex: I prefer Christmas anyway.
Milos: That came as a surprise. I never thought you would.
Alex: I'm full of surprises.​

Are there any similarities between your current partner and your most recent ex?

Alex stares at Milos's chest, then at his crotch.
​Alex: No.
Milos: Well, I guess the first time WAS technically a transaction, so there's that... but since I've never—never—whatever THIS is... *gestures between them* Also no.​

Ask your partner any question you're dying to know and respond to theirs.

Milos: That could be, uh, kinda dangerous...
Alex: Yes, it could, couldn't it.
Milos: Er... Okay. What does it feel like to walk through something?
Alex: Full-body it feels... sticky, and hot. I don't notice any more with partials though, I've had so much practice. Your turn.
Milos: Oh shit.
Alex: Do those ears really help you hear better? I swear half the time you're deaf as a post.
Milos: I...didn't think you'd ask that. I have no idea; I don't know what you hear like to compare it. They're a pain to get a crash helmet over though.

What's your favourite feature or body part about your partner?

Alex: His arse. It's better than 99% of the women I've dated, and he wears really tight underwear--
Milos: [turns red] For me, it's his--
Alex: Cock.
Milos: No. The less I see of THAT the better. It's his smile. The real one, not the fake one. I like it... it suits him.​

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