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New Year, New Site

I realised last year that I was finally outgrowing Weebly (while I was trying to make the site do something it wasn’t designed for, sooo…) and needed to move to a WordPress environment.  I had a look around at the recommended hosts, decided paying £120/year for a site when I make less than a tenth of that by selling books was lunacy, and went with Namecheap, who I already host the Notts NaNo site on, ~£30 being infinitely better than £120 etc.

Annnnnd then spent a day failing to get anything done because I’d had to do something initially that the site then didn’t like, borked the site totally and in the end had to contact support to get help. (Thanks Nina from Namecheap, you were really helpful – and patient!)  Now – when I have time, at least – I can work on getting the things onto the site I’d originally wanted.

And sort out the colour scheme a bit.  It’s a little… academic-looking.

Had fun getting the free ebooks on, mind (both Rescuing The Princess and The Solstice, the New Year’s one that took bloody forever)!  WordPress does not like odd file formats, but that’s why there’s a cpanel and file access.  Might need to let me know if they stop working though, since it was a sneaky-sneaky way of doing it.

I’ve not got much to say today to be honest.  Debating whether to copy across old blog posts or not.  I suppose… new year, fresh start?  Let’s try to make it better than last year!

Happy new year, everyone.  Here’s to the Roaring 20s!

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  1. Catherine Slavova

    Copying over some blog posts is an idea, especially if you take a little time to go over them again, edit and rewrite bits if you need to. I’ve got a few of those posts (to come) on my blog, so I am certainly not opposed to that re: content!

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