Month: February 2020

Creative Goals: 3 – 9 February 2020

Somehow February has already started to feel long, and that’s before we get to the extra day.  The RSI of doom has returned, and appears to be carpal tunnel instead (numbness in fingers and I keep dropping things and getting angry with myself).  Wrist braces everywhere.  I found an old blog post where I talked about the symptoms I’d had before; I’d actually forgotten it’d become so bad, to the point where my thumb was going numb and I had pain all the way up to the elbow.

Wrist braces are a pain in the backside to wear, but I don’t want things to become that bad again, so I’ve had to go back to wearing one all the time as well as changing the way I sit when I’m working.  Hopefully I can get things as fixed as they’re likely to get soon…

At least it’s the incessant click-click-click since my day job is very mouse-heavy, and it’s not writing that’s the problem…  Now it’d just be nice to get some time to actually do some.


  • Finish chapter 3 of Singer/Songwriter for real this week.  (Work allowing.)
  • Start chapter 4?
  • Really could do with a few more titles, before the only one I have sticks by mistake.
  • Start the Twitter hashtag games I want to play for the month.  This month they’re: #LGBTWIP, #aNovelRomance, #LGBTQwrites and #SmoreWords.  I have a hell of a time keeping up with even one or two, so this should be interesting…
  • Work, home and inspiration allowing, maybe start on an idea for the Story-Bat Valentines Wordfest, which has an interesting prompt this year.


  • Actually finish the book, fingers crossed.


  • 44 hours of work this week.  (Already starting 4 hours above the cap…)
  • Find the time to reboot the Virgin Media hub, since we’re getting the fantastic download speed of 10mbs right now.  But it’s Virgin Media, so you can’t expect your expensive fibre internet to actually work properly, can you?

So it’s a week heavy-ish on the writing, but we’ll see what happens with the work hours.

Remember kids, it’s only finger-wagging over your work-life balance if you’re choosing your hours, not your employers!

Accountability: 27 January – 2 February 2020

It’s been a tough week, honestly.  I failed on so many of my goals, which doesn’t help when my mood’s already pretty low.  I deliberately set myself little to do, but between work and home life I failed to achieve even that.  I’m hoping next week will be a bit better, but honestly I can’t see that happening either.

At least my desktop PC started up this week!  If I get time (insert hollow laugh here) I’ll add in the various header images all the previous posts are missing.  Unfortunately, the mini-PC I had my eye on to replace it is no longer available, so I’m stuck with this one for a while longer.  Ahh, Kingdel, please start selling your powerful i7s again!


  • I haven’t finished the third chapter of Singer/Songwriter.  I’ve barely made a dent in it.  In hindsight this may be for the best, because I had Marcus park in the Maid Marion Way car park, but he’d probably be better off parking in the Lace Market one.  While I didn’t actually mention where he parked, the location determines describing the scene.  The difference in appearance of Nottingham coming from two different locations is… noticeable.
  • Therefore I haven’t started chapter 4 of Singer/Songwriter at all.
  • I did come up with another potential name, but… might have forgotten it.  I was nowhere near a notebook, my phone, or anything else for that matter at the time so it was kind of inevitable really.  If it was any good I’m sure it’ll come back to me.


  • I haven’t had the time to read…


  • Day job: initially 40.5 hours.  Final total: 48.5 hours.  But that work-life balance, right?  The one that’s given me carpal tunnel.  (New wrist braces came on Friday.  I have new ways to sit to keep my forearm level and not twisted.  They’re uncomfortable.)
  • PC booted up yesterday, so little victories!
  • I’ve almost finished my bullet journal for February.  The important stuff, like the weekly calendars, is all done.  It’s just drawings now, which I’ve not had time to do.  I might post the pages if I have the chance to finish them…
  • Unfortunately (for me) I haven’t had the time to tidy my desk either.  It still looks like a bomb’s hit it.
  • No time = no sketches.