Accountability: 27 January – 2 February 2020

It’s been a tough week, honestly.  I failed on so many of my goals, which doesn’t help when my mood’s already pretty low.  I deliberately set myself little to do, but between work and home life I failed to achieve even that.  I’m hoping next week will be a bit better, but honestly I can’t see that happening either.

At least my desktop PC started up this week!  If I get time (insert hollow laugh here) I’ll add in the various header images all the previous posts are missing.  Unfortunately, the mini-PC I had my eye on to replace it is no longer available, so I’m stuck with this one for a while longer.  Ahh, Kingdel, please start selling your powerful i7s again!


  • I haven’t finished the third chapter of Singer/Songwriter.  I’ve barely made a dent in it.  In hindsight this may be for the best, because I had Marcus park in the Maid Marion Way car park, but he’d probably be better off parking in the Lace Market one.  While I didn’t actually mention where he parked, the location determines describing the scene.  The difference in appearance of Nottingham coming from two different locations is… noticeable.
  • Therefore I haven’t started chapter 4 of Singer/Songwriter at all.
  • I did come up with another potential name, but… might have forgotten it.  I was nowhere near a notebook, my phone, or anything else for that matter at the time so it was kind of inevitable really.  If it was any good I’m sure it’ll come back to me.


  • I haven’t had the time to read…


  • Day job: initially 40.5 hours.  Final total: 48.5 hours.  But that work-life balance, right?  The one that’s given me carpal tunnel.  (New wrist braces came on Friday.  I have new ways to sit to keep my forearm level and not twisted.  They’re uncomfortable.)
  • PC booted up yesterday, so little victories!
  • I’ve almost finished my bullet journal for February.  The important stuff, like the weekly calendars, is all done.  It’s just drawings now, which I’ve not had time to do.  I might post the pages if I have the chance to finish them…
  • Unfortunately (for me) I haven’t had the time to tidy my desk either.  It still looks like a bomb’s hit it.
  • No time = no sketches.


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