Patreon post: Vaana and Ianotte by Pax Asteriae

[Patreon Post] Vaana and Ianotte

3D render by Pax Asteriae of the merian Vaana, a mid-twenties blue-haired, blue-skinned man laying on his back in water.
3D render by Pax Asteriae of Ianotte, a yellow, red and blue-skinned mid-twenties blond man.

The Vaana render is a test idea for a book cover.  At just over Amazon eBook cover size, it took 3 days (which is when the renderer finally times out) and it had rendered all of 6%. Luckily, it's a very clear 6% - the fireflies in his hair vanished once the image was reduced.

It came out quite well, but there are things I'd like to tweak... I just don't fancy not being able to use the computer for another 3 days!

On the other hand, the second one didn't take three days. It took just over 30 minutes. *sigh* But it doesn't have water or intense subsurface scattering in it, which makes a big difference.

It's of Ianotte, one of Vaana's friends.  Ianotte ran away with a pirate a couple of years before Vaana's story starts properly and I'm not quite sure yet where he's ended up.

I did this image mostly to demonstrate the texture to someone, so Ianotte himself is still a bit of a work in progress.

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