Where Did The Solstice’s Store Links Go?

Short answer: I took them down.

(Well, obviously. There’s only me working on the site!)

Long answer: I don’t sell a lot of books; I barely sell any. I’m never gonna hit the #1 spot on… well, anywhere, or get people sending me fanart. But of the few copies of The Solstice I did sell, they were only on Amazon. I checked: nothing on Kobo, nothing on Smashwords, nothing on Apple Books, nothing on Google Play.

But why? If I take it off all those platforms that I’m getting no sales on, then I can enter the book into KDP Select, which means I can take advantage of Kindle Countdowns (and maybe I will when I stop being lazy and figure out what one is) and free book days.  KDP Select also lets the book be available on Kindle Unlimited (so people can read it free, if they want) and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.  All I have to give up in return is those non-existent sales on other platforms.

Bit of a no-brainer, really.

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