A stack of Zenpop stationery subscription boxes.

Review Corner: ZenPop Stationery Subscription Box

A stack of Zenpop stationery subscription boxes.What is it?

A monthly stationery subscription box from Japan featuring some 7-10 items arranged around a theme.  (ZenPop also do other Japanese subscription boxes, from ramen and sweets to mystery boxes.)

How much?

Prices vary, but are approximately:

  • £24 for a single month’s box
  • £67 for 3 months
  • £132 for 6 months
  • £262 for 12 months

Delivery time?

They dispatch from Japan so shipping time varies, but they usually arrive in the UK after approximately 2 weeks.


Rather than dipping my toe into the water with a single box, I took the plunge by starting out on the year-long subscription — and immediately afterwards wondered if I’d lost my marbles.  It’s a lot of money to part with for a subscription box that, with my postal service, always carries with it the worry of never arriving at all* on top of the worry that I’ll hate all the items in the box.

Luckily, neither has proven true.

In each cute (there’s a bunny on top!) compact purple box you receive a variety of stationery items from well-known stationery brands such as MT, Tombow, Zebra and Kuretake, to name but a few, usually arranged around a theme such as “spring” or “Hallowe’en.” These commonly include pens, erasers, washi tape, stickers and notepads, but can also include scissors, glue, clips, rulers — even a small hand-fan for the summer and some craft scissors.

The Christmas box came with an amazing ninja card that was frankly too nice to send!

A ninja Christmas card from the Zenpop December box
Please forgive the washi tape corner weights.

The thing is, if you’re a stationery hoarder like me, so much of it is too nice to use.  It’s something I’m working on breaking this year, because it’s all too nice not to use as well.  Additionally, the monthly brand postcards are ridiculously cute and a few may have found their way onto my notice boards…

Will I re-subscribe once my year is up?

Yes, I think I will. These last couple of years have been depressing enough (for us all) and though I hadn’t expected it when I subscribed, it’s been a real mood-lightener to get something nice (or several somethings) in the post once a month.

Where can I find it?

You can order either a box or subscription of ZenPop’s Japanese Stationery Pack here: https://zenpop.jp/japanese-stationery-pack or check out their Instagram for photos of their products.

The bottom of a Zenpop stationery box.


* Ever since our ‘new’ postal worker started, nothing has gone walkies.  They’ve delivered to this area for several years now, and we know when they’re on holiday because deliveries stop arriving!  So these fears are, now, generally unfounded… except one day they’re bound to leave and we’ll be back to square one.

Best not to think about that.

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