How To Read An eBook

You’ve just bought your shiny new eBook, either from here (fingers crossed) or from somewhere else that isn’t Amazon, and suddenly you’re faced with the idea of getting your new book onto your device.  There are various ways, depending on which device you’re reading on:

Kindles (and other eReaders)

Owning only two Kindles (the original and a Paperwhite), I can only offer a guide for them, but I would assume the steps would be similar for others.


Personal Computers

There are several programs that will enable you to read eBooks on your computer, however one of the most popular free solutions is Calibre, which you can download from  Unfortunately, the Kindle app for PC/Mac doesn’t allow you to read eBooks purchased from places other than Amazon.

Once you have downloaded your eBook, open Calibre and click on the first option in the list along the top, either by clicking on the plain ‘Add books’ button to bring up the Open dialogue box, or clicking on the drop-down arrow for more options:

Screenshot showing the expanded 'Add books' menu in Calibre

Once you’ve added your eBook(s), they will appear in your Library as a list.

From here, double-clicking on any book will bring up the Calibre E-book Viewer, where you can read your book by moving back and forth with the arrow keys.  The E-book Viewer can also be opened from the Start menu in Windows.

The expanded Calibre folder in the Windows Start menu

Tablet Devices


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